You’ve probably noticed the barrage of celebrity-endorsed fragrance ads crowding out your TV as Christmas fast approaches. What you may not have realized, given sensory overload, is how splendiferous they all are! After wrote my earlier post about how fanastico the Charlize J’Adore ads are, I realized she is not alone! For some reason fragrance ads seem to be a licence for advertisers create the most absurd, self-indulgent, drama-rainbow nuggets of ever rained down from heaven. Behold!

Disclaimer: Your skull might blow out from the fabulousness you are about to encounter. You have been warned.



Kiera Knightly:


I love this ad! It’s so effective that I’m seriously considering marching over to my neighborhood Walgreen’s with $12 clutched in my hand and sense of purpose.


Gwen simply cannot be improved. I don’t even ever write about her because she renders me speechless.

Jean Paul Gaultier

Have you ever seen anything so gay?
No, seriously.

Vintage Gaultier:

Take notes.

David Lynch directing for Gucci:

Oh my god! David Lynch has hidden cameras in my apartment?!

The motherload:

If a unicorn was a fragrance advertisement, it would be this.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you…