A handful of wisdoms from the Queen himself as selected from a great work of American literature, The Philosophy of Andy Warhol.

B was referring to the great unfulfilled ambition of my life: my own regular TV show. I’m going to call it Nothing Special.

“That forty-pound shopping bag full of rice that I bought in a panic is still sitting next to my bed” I said.
“So is mine, except it’s eighty pounds and it’s driving me crazy because the shopping bag doesn’t match the curtains”

“When I look in the mirror I only know that I don’t see myself as others see me.”
“Why is that B?”
“Because I’m looking at myself the way I want to see myself. I make expressions just for myself. I don’t make the expressions other people see me make. I’m not twisting my lips and saying ‘Money?'”

Some critic called me the Nothingness Himself and that didn’t help my sense of existence any. Then I realized that existence itself is nothing and I felt better.