Part two of my transcription series. Horray!

I don’t really use makeup but I buy it and I think about it a lot. Makeup is so well-advertised you can’t ignore it completely.

“You were just lying there and Billy Name was standing over you and crying. And you kept saying to him not to make you laugh because it really hurt”

The building was a five-floor walk-up and originally I’d had the apartment on the fifth floor. Then, when the second floor became available, I took that, too, so now I had two floors, but not two consecutive ones.

This was when I started realizing how insane people can be. For example, one girl moved into the elevator and wouldn’t leave for a week until they refused to bring her any more Cokes. I don’t know what to make of the whole scene. Since I was paying the rent for the studio, I guessed that this somehow was actually my scene, but don’t ask me what it was all about, because I never could figure it out.

It’s the long life-spans that are throwing all the old values and their applications out of whack. when people used to learn about sex at fifteen and die at thirty-five, they obviously were going to have fewer problems than people today who learn about sex at eight or so, I guess, and live to be eighty. That’s a long time to play around with the same concept. The same boring concept.

Some people can have sex and really let their minds go blank and fill up with sex; other people can never let their minds go blank and fill up with the sex, so while they’re having the sex they’re thinking, “Can this really be me? Am I really doing this? This is very strange. Five minutes ago I wasn’t doing this. In a little while I won’t be doing it. What would Mom say? How did people ever think of doing this?”