Hello dear readers! Welcome to the newest Pop Feminist weekly feature, “Woman of the Week”, where I, your blog Virgil, shall guide you through this hellish pop culture terrain of boring and unimportant artists and celebs to a weekly Woman oasis from which you shall drink!

My first featured lady is the fabulous, glamorous, talented Cate Blanchett. Upon awards season, it is always disheartening to consider the sheer number of colossal talents in the “Best Actor” categories, and the often sparse, grasping counterparts in “Best Actress”. Not to say that women as a whole cannot act, nor that the nominated actresses are bad; but blow for blow, men prevail in numbers when it comes to great, showstopping performers on screen. When the emphasis for actresses is disproportionately placed on youth and beauty, alas, we may loose some real power in the talent pool.

Cate Blanchett brings not just grace and glamour to our world, but is a one-woman redemption for the not always prestigious title of “actress”. She is the new Meryl Streep: ageless beauty and ceaseless gravitas! Cate Blanchett is a true goddamn movie star!

Drink! Drink!