What do you think of this? In one sense, I worship basically all the women pictured and their glamorous portraits give me chills, but it’s also a bit of a white-parade starkly reminding us through the powerful language of images of the exclusion of women of color in cinema history. Only Angela Basset and Halle Berry are tacked on the end in photographs that are so over-exposed, their skin is washed out of all color.

One also wonders if a similar mondtage of male movie-stars would likely be made. The morphing of women’s faces from one to the next to the next seems to imply the interchangeability of these screen legends who were, at their core, beauties and nothing more.

Another montage does similar work depicting women in the history of art.

This montage is far more troublesome to me. It is a disturbing comment on the place of women in the history of “great” art, that is to say, always the art, never the artist.

I’m reminded of the tremendous strides made by the Guerrilla Girls in the world of art. Below are some of their posters:

For more on this, read Linda Nochlin’s groundbreaking (if flawed) article, Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists?