“The city is a bravely unfolding movie entertaining us so effectively we are hypnotized by it. The movie is a comedy about mammals in a movie taking the movie seriously and deciding it is a tragedy.”

“My New York City is not a statistical, ordered accounf of place; it is a tantrum. My city is not so easily amused with history, gossip, or a list of places to eat; it is a series of ledges I hang off of. “

“We are not visitors, tourists, nor inhabitant of New York City; we are New York City. the city is our moving self-portrait and a living art installation carved out of an island of rock, even the cracks of the sidewalks are crying out on the topic of our lives. The city is a profound opportunity to understand ourselves. When people say New York city is expesnive they mean it is a challenge. When they say it is busy they mean it is unpredictable. When they say the city is dirty they mean there is too much truth here.”

-Speed Levitch