I lifted all the following pictures off of getty images, for I am lazy… so they all have that corporate logo-ghost. Sorry or whatever.

There is no such thing as “worst dressed” for me, at least in the way that word is traditionally used. Usually, the so-called “worst dressed” are the actually the most fab, and bold and outrageous, which I think we should encourage. The “worst dressed” was, like, Ellen Page in a black dress. It’s too boring to even upload a picture of this to supplement my verdict….
*sigh*, weeeell

*feeble grunt*

Okay, there. I uploaded it. That is 37 seconds of my life I’ll never get back.

Best Dressed, on the other hand:

Obviously this goes to Heidi Klum. Big, bold, glamorous— signed, Sealed and dee-livered, ‘chu know?

Tilda Swinton is going to seriously hurl that logo-ghost globe at us. Also, she wins for the best acceptance speech. It can be paraphrased as, “Wow! This oscar looks like some guy I know. I mean, his butt is identical to this little butt. I guess maybe he deserves his mini-me more than I. Also, George Cloony, you used to be Batman with nipples…heh…” Oscar gold, Tilda, Oscar gold.

DanDayLew and his wife are awesome. Love the pauper-shoes on Daniel but I espesh love Rebecca Miller’s black and white checkered heels. She looks like she’s wearing something from my 4th grade fashion design portfolio. This is a good thing. To be sure.