As I’ve already written rather comprehensively on a smattering of nominees this year, let’s be-bop to the Pop Feminist Time Machine and revisit some deep thoughts, shall we? Blogger archive…away!

I was drunkenly underwhelmed by Atonement, and vomited a little in my own mouth during Juno, despite fixations on Kiera, James, and Ellen, revealing a general indiscrimination on my part.

I’ll totally drink Daniel-Day Lewis’ milkshake. Just sayin’.

Tilda Swinton is maybe a space vampire.

Hairspray was my first ever Pop Feminist Movie Pick, which, you know is kinda like getting an academy award. Lesbian idol, Zac Efron, just…soars, nay…flys!

Cate Blanshett has gravitas in the trunk.

Needless, to say, this was a big Pop Feminist year for Javier Bardem. Initially contributing to my sexual identity crisis, I went on to actually become Javier Bardem! My success yielded not only a comprehensive how-to guide, but a following of grasping Bardem-becomers in hopes of Oscah gold!

Good luck everyone but Daniel-Day Lewis, who super duper doesn’t need any.