Sorry for the lack of updates lately. I’ve been working on a new project that I’m excited to share with y’all. I have founded a new blog: She Once Had Me: The Beatles & Feminism.

As I am a believer in the social impact of pop culture, I naturally have a special interest in the biggest pop-act of all time, The Beatles. My main theory is that women’s history has been erased from Beatles mythology because it was the first stirring of what would become second-wave feminism. The apparent need for cultural critics and anthropologists to appropriate this history for men and erase feminist underpinnings reflects a desire to keep our art free of subversive politics that threaten masculinity. “The Beatles Event”, as participated in by men and women alike, when seen as a historical moment for feminism, alienates men who have an aversion to queer and gender equality (read: the majority of rock critics). The need to maintain a masculine monopoly on culture would certainly be usurped should one of the giants of pop-culture be discovered to be a source of feminine empowerment.

She Once Had Me will chronicle my more academic inquiries regarding the subject especially relating to “gaze theory” and gender-sex systems in relation to Beatles lore. The blog will necessarily have more limited scope (as there is only so much to say) and will function more as a website to organize and refine my thoughts than a blog in the traditional sense. That being said, comments are welcome if you have objections or ideas of your own!

Wish me luck!