Alright, I can tell that my readership is Monkees-friendly, so I’ll give you one more little factoid tidbit on MY favorite Monkee: Mike Nesmith.

Each of the pre-fab four has their thing. Mikey is “the joker”, Peter is “the dumb-gentle one”, Davey is “the cute one”, and Mike is “the, uh, kind of uninvolved sour one”….hrm…

You see, Mike’s mom, Bette Nesmith Graham was a single mother and hard working secretary from Texas who had this half-baked idea to come up with a way to fix her typing mistakes. Her invention didn’t really take off, so Mike grew up kinda poor, had a family of his own and when the opportunity came along to sell his soul to The Monkees in order to make ends meet, he was on board.

That is, until just before filming on the show began and Mama Bette’s invention took off: White Out.

Mike Nesmith, throughout the whole filming of The Monkees was a millionaire bound by a studio contract for chump-change.

Mike, thus becomes, the “always-kinda-pissed-off-one” rounding off The Monkees cast of wacky characters.

Nesmith also happens to be a really talented musician, who wrote some of my fave Monkees tracks. One of which is “Circle Sky” from the drug-fueled Head. Dig:

From it’s beginning, the story of “The Monkees” promised to be ultra-fascinating. So it proved.