The bold and beautiful QueerFem(me)inist features “American Boy” by Estelle as the possible new super-mega-hit that we will all one day grow to hate:

What do you think?

I hard-core love this song, but the new Umbrella? Let’s face it: Estelle is competing with a golden tradition of hooks such as:

“eh, eh, eh”
“hey yah, heeeey yaaaah”
“yeah! yeah! what? okay!”

and now:
“You’ll be my American boy”

I mean, c’mon Estelle. This isn’t an application for the Rhodes Scholarship. Uh, we’re trying for radio play, not a submission to the Library of Congress. Joyce called– he wanted me to tell you “hey” and also that he already wrote Ulysses. mkay?

I propose she modify the chorus to something to the effect of:
“AmBo, AmmmmmBooooooooo, Cha.” (x5)
“booooooiiiiiii” (x15)

just a suggestion.