….Aaand we’re back! It’s spring again and our feminist asses feel like dancing!

Every week Pop Feminist asks you, the reader, to have a one-person mini dance party in your room right now. Why? Because shaking your hot booty and rocking out to corny dance music in front of the mirror is joy and reminds you that you’re wild and free and fabulous. Isn’t feminism fun?

unicorn-themed art doesn’t give a goddamn.

In honor of our triumphant return on chariots and rainbows, Jessie Spano teaches us all not to get so stressed about our SATs and the, um, talent show at the local diner that we’re forced into an inevitable debilitating dependence on caffeine pills! My god, what’s next? Selling our bodies on the street for Nicorette Gum? Sick. Just sick.

…what the hell: