Teen idols are girl-culture icons and agents of feminist awakening. This is A Pop Feminist series exploring an alternative pro-woman, pop-culture historiography through the glassy eyes and winning smiles of our favorite teen idols. Teeny Boppers: raise your fists.

It’s cheap, I know, but in lieu of an actual blog post on the topic, I will simply refer you all to two other Pop Feminist musings on the subject.

1) The Monkees:
The Monkees and Rewritten History

2) The Beatles

As you already know, I author an entire blog on the subject of The Beatles as teen idols and feminist icons.

Read my smart thoughts at:
She Once Had Me: The Beatles & Feminism

Dear Paul,
I think you are very sexy and I don’t even know what it means.

Your little fan,

Shirley D.

Louisville, Kentucky

Love Letters to the Beatles, ed. Bill Adler (1964)