via feministing

Julia Serano writes:
As a transsexual woman, I can’t help but notice how dependent this ad is on the concept of “drag”—that is, the fact that the subject in the video identifies as a boy and that their feminine gender expression is depicted as a “performance” or an “impersonation.” The commercial would have an entirely different meaning (and would evoke a very different emotional reaction) if it featured a trans woman who fully and unapologetically identified as female. For this reason, this video will likely annoy a lot of transsexuals because it forwards the “trans = fake” trope that is too often used to marginalize us.

I agree with Serano for sure, but I suppose I’m in general more optimistic about “baby steps forward” than most feminists. I think that just by putting a trans woman in a national ad campaign, a transsexual “awareness” inevitably takes place. The visibility of so subaltern an identity (for most) in this beautifully composed (if problematic) commercial, forces many who wouldn’t otherwise to think about this lifestyle and maybe not react in fear should they encounter a trans person in the future. It’s not everything, but it’s something.