My new favorite vlogger, Lore Sjoberg, has a few thoughts on the matter:

So true.
Besides, even though people bitch about the objectification of superheroines, comics are one of the only pop-culture spheres where men are routinely subject to, I’d argue, even harsher gender regimes. Confining ideals of masculinity much?

Pretty interesting that (geeky?) young boys and men derive so much pleasure from their own objectification, and overt reminders of their real-life “inferiority”.

The sheer athleticism of superheroines is worth noting as well. They may have huge knockers, but they also tend to have six-packs, biceps and calves like tree-trunks. The glorification of strength and power (both physical and sexual) in superheroine iconography is fabulous.

Compare boys’ and girls’ mainstream ideal femininity:

Need I say more?