It’s electrifying to realize that your generation has an identity. I used to pine to be a babyboomer: a concrete national identity with a whole grid of political, cultural, social and artistic characteristics within which an individual is constituted (whether they admit to it or not). I still don’t even know the name of my generation: X? Y? Net? Millennial? but I’m starting to see the shape of our narrative, and it’s turning out to be rather fabulous. I will write out my thoughts in a “you have”/ “we have” format:

Modernism/ Postmodernism
Feminism/ Queer Theory
Vietnam, Watergate/ September 11th, Iraq War
Rock ‘n’ roll/ Hip-Hop
Nixon/ George W. Bush
Saturday Night Live/ The Daily Show & Colbert Report
Television/ Internet (this is the big one)
John F. Kennedy/ Barack Obama
Left vs. Right/ Forward vs. Backward
Albums/ Music Videos
Comic Books/ Video Games
Sartre/ Foucault
Joan Baez/ Ani DiFranco
Radios/ iPods
Star Wars/ The Matrix
Disco/ Techno
George Carlin/ Dave Chappelle
Protests/ Blogging
John & Yoko/ Brad & Angelina (they’re amazing)
Martin Scorsese/ Quintin Tarantino
American Bandstand/ MTV

What else? If you guys think of any other generational transition, please comment. I feel such solidarity with my fellow kids. We’re on the eve of (in the midst of?) a huge shift in national identity and I’m brimming with excitement to be a part of it. Groovy.