To be a pop star is to be a performance artist. Whether or not you make “great music” or even have anything to do with the music you release, as a pop star one must have a certain kind of genius that is oft denied by the cultural/artistic elite. N*Sync defends their “pop” position in this song and put on a goddamn show in response to criticism (as of 2001, they were among the most hated stars by the masculine artistic consumer). To hate a wildly successful pop act is to misunderstand their function. First of all, N*Sync as a boyband, brings girl communities together, as generators of great dance music brings people in general together, and as celebrity performance/personality/beauty machines, they dramatize our shared postmodern condition, in which the consumer (identifying this, though perhaps not articulating it) is fascinated.

Michael Jackson makes an appearance here towards the end. His very presence is N*Sync’s best defense. You can’t deny the power of pop.