Every week Pop Feminist asks you, the reader, to have a one-person mini dance party in your room right now. Why? Because shaking your hot booty and rocking out to corny dance music in front of the mirror is joy and reminds you that you’re wild and free and fabulous. Isn’t feminism fun?

The people of Planet Fabulon write, “We have no idea if one of our favorite stories is true, but it sounds plausible. A few years back, Liza was spotted in a New York shop, clutching her bags and muttering “Keep it together, Minnelli. Keep it together.”

“We highly recommend this simple mantra to everyone in their time of need. Whether the champagne has just run out, a friend is tweaking, or you’re in a crowded elevator, just remember those magic words: “Keep it together, Minnelli!”

Pop Feminist writes: “I’ve actually tried it, and am fortified anew.”

Dance Party #22