Girls, often ignored, discarded and marginalized in their every day lives, place poetic yearnings of recognition on the shoulders of the Beatles. The Beatles personify youth, joy, and freedom. That their fans wanted to be acknowledged by these four creatures from a super-race of laughing freemen (to borrow Timmothy Leary’s words), was merely symptomatic of a more tragic and profound desire to be part of the world that seemed (as of the early 1960s) to pass women by. Self-knowledge is the first step toward rebellion:

Dear George,
Guess what? I’m coming to see you at the Forest Hills Stadium. You’ll recognize me. I’ll be in the very first row in a yellow dress. By the time summer comes my hair will be very long. I will be holding a sign that says, “I’m the one.”
Your devoted fan,
Francine B.
Brooklyn, NY

Dear Ringo,
I am not any ordinary Beatle-crazy girl because I’m not. I may not act wild and nutty but boy, inside, do I swing!
Inez W.
Toronto, Canada

Dear Beatles,
What can I do? I can’t seem to get you out of my head. I dream of you all the time. I am suffering. Couldn’t you please help me? I sit and sit and think, and I know that the Beatles don’t even know there is a Gloria Goodman in this world– but there is! Really!
I long for you,
Cincinnati, Ohio

This post is dedicated to Gloria Goodman! I know you exist!