“The reason I do photographs is to help people understand my music, so it’s very important that I am the same, emotionally, in the photographs as in the music. Most people’s eyes are much better developed than their ears. If they see a certain emotion in the photograph, then they’ll understand the music.”

-Björk, Index Magazine, july 2001

Can any social/ideological/economic/political movement survive without the flesh of art, music, literature and beauty on its bones? To this absurd question I wail a resounding NO. Does feminism have an aesthetic? YES, but the puritanist second-wave reluctance to embrace art has left its greatest innovators to lurk along margins, like guerrilla warriors camouflaged against the pop culture kaleidoscope.

Björk, an extravagant muse and artist of the third wave, breaks from this anonymity. Her photos do not just help us understand her music, her music helps us understand the complex feminine self. These images reflect a feminist revelation.

Björk is a hero.

via Björk Pics