It was only a few months ago that Jeff Robinov, president of Warner Bros. Studios, vowed that he would no longer make films with a female lead.

According to The New York Times, “It is hard to believe that anyone in a position of Hollywood power would be so stupid as to actually say what many in that town think: Women can’t direct. Women can’t open movies. Women are a niche.”

Enter: Angelina Jolie. Wanted is a smash hit, breaking box office records, with just as many movie-goers polling that the attraction was Jolie as those who went for the thrill of action.

“Angelina Jolie has evolved. As of Wanted, she is no longer merely mortal, but her own sublime creature. As the consummate assassin Fox, she is surrounded repeatedly by attractive mayhem—guns shooting, cars crashing, edifices tumbling—and yet you can’t look away from her. At once spectacular and discreet, unearthly and tabloidy-maternal, she’s become the flesh-and-bones, tailless version of Grendel’s Mother, appropriately enthralled and bored with herself.”
-Cynthia Fuchs at Pop Matters,

When did it happen? While I was looking the other way, Angelina Jolie stewed up the perfect storm of weathered beauty, smoldering sexuality, sly humor and downright glamor; a witch’s brew thick with the sweet syrup of feminine personae. Like the great movie vixens from the golden-age of cinema, Jolie is a mystic vision. An epiphany. An icon.

The magnitude of her celebrity may single-handedly bring back the Hollywood Queen.