Greetings! Pop Feminist here, on location in Bowling Green Ohio’s renowned music library. That’s right. 16 Magazine is coming your way. For those who don’t know the whole story, catch up here and here.

The archive is amazing, but alas incomplete. It seems to be donated by women who had read 16 as girls, many of whom, unfortunately, were Beatlemaniacs. A lot of Beatles pictures and articles have been cut out or drawn on, but the scraps left to me as a researcher are still pretty amazing. The first page of the following feature has been torn out, but you get the idea.

“Are You A Beatle-Person?” seems to reinforce my suspicion that girls not only wanted teen idols, but also wanted on some level to be them. The cross-gender identification is all over these crumbling pages.

[click on the images for larger scans]

16 Magazine, Volume 6, Number 5, October 1964