“There is a concept which corrupts and upsets all others…I refer to the infinite.”
“The Avatars of the Tortoise”, Jorge Luis Borges

Welcome to the Garden of Forking Paths, a periodic links post dedicated to the best of the internets! The title is lifted from my favorite author evs Jorge Luis Borges, who had imagined throughout his career the terrors and joys of an endless labyrinth. Had he lived to see it, he would doubtlessly concur that the web is, like, totally Borgesian.

Take a short cut:

1. Silent-Porn-Star urges, Do not go gentle into that good night, Playgirl!
Rage, rage against the dying of the light…

2. Thanks to this link from Co\/\/boypants, I might never be in direct sunlight again.

3. Jezebel reflects upon the subjectivity of photography (re: polygamist women)

4. Transportine of the exceptional blog History is Made at Night offers up a piece on the subversive power of women and dance, dance and fantasy.

5. Jen at A Blog of One’s Own explains the real reason why we should never call a woman a “slut”. Learn how to insult properly here.