“In painting, neoclassicism, romanticism, impressionism, expressionism, cubism, have each lasted no longer than some trends in Western dress; and the degree of change effected by them is no greater…The main difference is that we like to think of picture-painting and art exhibitions as serious and dignified, and of clothes and fashions as frivolous.

But the behavior manifestations of the two sets of phenomena are much alike, so that we are justified in assuming the process at work are similar. One might even suspect the genuineness of the greater formal or avowed respect accorded to the painter’s activity.

Presumably for every ten people in our civilization really exercised about a change in the manner of paintings there are a thousand who participate personally in changes of dress style. “

-A.L. Kroeber, Anthropology, 1948 p.392

The gendered nature of the above distinction is needless of my analysis.

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