Today is the anniversary of the first day of what would become one of the darkest, most fearsome, and brutalizing periods in United States history, aggravated and shamefully exploited by the Bush administration.

Please go here to donate to Barack Obama’s campaign
. I’ve just contributed a humble $20, and with the McCain/Palin ticket building momentum, I urge all left leaners and feminists not only to donate money, but to find out what she or he can do in their community to ensure a democratic victory.

As a United States citizen in her 20s, my first political consciousness came with the Monica Lewinsky scandal, followed by the stolen 2000 Bush v. Gore election. Immediately after, the nation was traumatized by the tragic events of September 11th, followed by the Iraq War, the reign of fear, and Hurricane Katrina.

From our first awareness of current events and politics, this has been all my generation has ever known. Even if Barack Obama is “only a symbol” (since when have symbols not mattered?), he is a desperately needed one– a figure of hope for an entire generation of young democrats whose political commitment, I fear, will not be able to withstand the blow of losing this crucial election.