domest\ic, a. & n. l. Of the home, household or family affairs.
domestic\ate, v.t. Naturalize
(colonists, animals)…

The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Current English

Aunt Jemima’s pancake mix was introduced during the World’s Columbia Exposition in 1893, when the world’s leading artists and architects erected the “White City” as testament to America’s legitimacy among (western) “civilized” nations as a producer of so-called highbrow culture.

Read more about the Aunt Jemima in Diane Roberts’ The Myth of Aunt Jemima: Representations of Race and Region, the World’s Columbia Exposition in Eric Larson’s The Devil in the White City, and highbrow/lowbrow divisions in the late 19thc. in Lawrence W. Levine’s Highbrow/Lowbrow: the Emergence of Cultural Hierarchy in America.