The exceptional History is Made at Night offers up these great posts on Disco.

“Disco was the only time we were equal. No one cared whether you were black or white – no one even knew. We were using the culture and the clubs to elevate our thinking. It was revolution in a primal way… If you think about it, the whole movement was run by women, gays and ethnics: Donna Summer, Gloria Gaynor, Grace Jones… I mean the Village People were revolutionary! People who would never even stand in a room with a gay person were dancing to San Francisco, and that’s what was so subversive about disco. It rewrote the book”
Nile Rogers of Chic, ex-Black Panther

I’m not quite ready to write about it yet, but I’m becoming convinced that the 1970s was a more transformative and significant decade than the 1960s, despite their respective reputations. Obviously, this shouldn’t be too difficult to convince feminists of, but most others give the mirror-ball, roller skate, polyester-era the historical shaft. Stay tuned for more on this. In the meantime, see my Disco Demolition Derby post for more.