Spin Magazine has come out with its picks for the top 20 music videos of 2008. Predictably, Bjork tops the list with Wanderlust. Though I’ve already touched on the topic of Bjork’s “feminist aesthetics” in photography, her videos merit much more thought. Whatever my conclusions, it’s a matter of fact that Wanderlust is a worthy addition to Bjork’s fearless and gaudy body of work–she never fails us.

I attended the wrap-party for Wanderlust last year, and am astounded beyond measure by the final product considering how preposterous the yak costumes looked in person, and the sheer abundance of assholery festering on that Williamsburg rooftop. I must say I have a fond memory of reenacting the brief (and hilarious) intro segment to This American Life’s “Cringe” episode— crab walk and all–before a tense audience of frigid hipsters, unsure of my degree of irony. For the record: zero. As ever.