From BlackBook Magazine. Smokin’.

Ricci is kind of a feminist icon, though I can’t really remember why… I guess because she’s offbeat and successful despite looking “alternative” and having like, zero talent (sorry world, but it’s true).

In other feminist news, Ricci portrayed feminist author Elizabeth Wurtzel in the film Prozac Nation based on Wutzel’s memoir, which is a must-see if you’ve ever wondered what would happen if depravity and self-indulgence was also somehow boring. Maybe the book is better?

For those of you interested, here’s a recent radio interview with Wurtzel. She supports Obama but calls Hillary an “evil genius”, and a “subversive feminist”, which from Wurtzel is a major compliment. She likes Obama because he makes people love him so much, they “hate everybody else”, but “the message he would send to the world would be amazing”. Agreed on all counts!